Supreme Brat Dominatrix
Miss XI
Miss XI

I am Miss XI, or Xian.

Princess is also acceptable.

Do not call Me Mistress; I am not your side affair.
I am a luxury afforded only by those lucky and depraved enough to submit to My sadistic and seductive desires.
I am wickedly cruel as I am teasing and playful.
I find joy in creating a lifestyle designed purely for My own pleasure and entertainment.
Should I find you worthy enough, you may well experience My firey passion for aestheics and sadism.

I reciprocate the energy you give Me.
A sweet loving sub may be teased and tortured, but a lowly worm may well find himself beneath My boot as the scum of My existence.
I am open to some kink fulfilments without Domination; for those that simply enjoy BallBusting, Feet, Panty Hose, Leg Scissors etc. without feeling submissive.
Decadent things come in small packages.
You have been warned.

I am only interested in scenes which are SAFE, SANE, & CONSENSUAL

I am a Dominatrix

Do not embarass yourself by asking for nudity or sexual favours

Connect With Me


Joe Stuart at Full Spoon Cafe

For those that wish to follow Me a little bit more in depth, I suggest perusing My blog.
The blog includes updates on My juciest video releases, occasional session stories, pictures, and travel updates.

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Niteflirt is the only way to connect with Me over phone calls. I have two Niteflirt lines; one specifically for Domination calls, and one that is reserved for those who wish to discuss sessions or kink without the overtone of playing. Click the button below to visit My niteflirt page for details.

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Small indulgences for your dirty perversions.
All of My worn items include one day of wear and free shipping within North America.
Inquire about international, express, tracking and signature shipping.
Contact Me about all sales payment methods and be sure to include a description of the item that you are interested in.




$15, one day's wear
+$10/each additional day of wear



$15-$20, One day's wear
+$10/each additional day of wear
+ $15/Self Love or Golden Sprinkle
+ $20/Worn during sex or Ruby


Vial of Spit

Pick up only.
Not avaialble for mailing.


Daily foot photos

Pictures of My sexy feet delivered to your email inbox daily, for one month!


Gifts are rarely required, but they are always appreciated. Tributes are welcome.

You may send all gift cards to PrincessXianXi AT

Wishlists + Giftcards

I accept giftcards from any of these websites.

  • Victoria's Secret
  • E-Transfers
  • My Measurements

    Size XS / Size 0
    Shoe size US 4, sometimes 5
    Bra 32 B

    Refrain From:

    Alcohol; unless it is a fine sake or whiskey.
    Perfumes; I am sensitive to many fragrances.
    Jewellery; I have many metal allergies. If you wish to buy Me jewellery, please contact Me first.

    My Favourites

    I always appreciate tributes of any kind. Surprise cash or Etransfers make Me smile; but love notes and tales are also wonderful for the budget concerned submissive.
    Offering to be of service; driving, cleaning, & other tasks are also a wonderfully practical way to enhance My life.
    High quality BDSM tools and toys are always welcome and loved.


    I offer custom videos, starting at $200 USD.
    Clips run on average between 9-15 minutes, unless otherwise discussed.
    When contacting Me, include a brief description of what you would like for your video.
    I will consider requests related to FemDom, fetish, and tease.
    I am uninterested in nudity, explicit scenes or submission.

    Click For My Full Clip Store

    Corporal Punishment

    Cruel Beatings


    Mental Sadism

    Ball Busting

    Broken Balls

    Foot Fetish

    JOI for My toes

    Book a session + Follow Me


    Be sure to double check that you are correctly spelling your email when adding it to the input form, otherwise I will be unable to respond.
    I typically reply within 24 hours, or sometimes up to 2 days if I am travelling.

    Unless you are ESL, I expect you to use punctuation, grammar, and proper spellings in your correspondence with Me. Failure to do so may result in no response. Remember that this is your first impression.
    For those that wish to book a live session, send a note requesting My live booking form.


    You may email about inquires for other cities, but these are My most frequented.